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15 Amp & 10 Amp Caravan Power Inlet - Weatherproof, 250V, Heavy Duty, Padlockable, Insulated Pins


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SKU: Inlet_10

15 Amp & 10 Amp Heavy Duty Power Inlet

  IP66 250V Waterproof Power Inlet 1ph 3 Flat Pin Industrial

These Heavy Duty Power Inlets are highly useful for a wide variety of purposes and are weatherproof, padlockable, and have surface mounts for easy use. 


  • This ISO Appliance Inlet is a single phase 15 Amp or 10 Amp Power Inlet featuring a Patented Padlockable IP66 Cap
  • Choice of 15 Amp or 10 Amp Caravan Power Inlet
  • Weatherproof (IP66 standard)
  • Surface Mounted Appliance Inlet with 3 Flat Pins
  • Single Phase Plug and Socket 


  • IP66 Rated for Heavy Duty or Marine Applications
  • Weatherproof Snap Catch Latch with Clear Cover
  • Insulated Pins
  • Full Australian Approvals
  • Surface Mounted
  • Current: 15 Amp / 10 Amp current
  • Voltage: 250 V (50-60Hz)
  • Dimensions: 100mm Height, 100mm Width, 66mm Depth
  • Mount: Surface Mount
  • Body Orientation: Straight (Right Angle to the Floor)
  • Material: Stabilised Rigid Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Construction
  • Colour: Grey
  • Pin Arrangement: 3 Flat pins
  • Weatherproof rating: IP66
  • Brand: NHP
  • Cat. No. ISOAI310PG