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2.0 x 2.0 x 2.4m Budget DIY Freezer Room Kit


SKU: KITF202024

2.0 x 2.0 x 2.4m Budget DIY Freezer Room Kit 

Fast & Easy to Install - Flat Packed - Tailor Made

DIY Freezer Room Kits from OzSupply have a wide range of specialised benefits, and can be quickly and easily installed by anyone with basic DIY skills.

Assembly of your DIY Freezer Room kit requires only a few basic tools such as an Allen Key (which we provide with the Kit), and all fixtures and fittings are supplied, including sealant, screws, caps, aluminium c channel, angle and coving. 

DIY Freezer Room Kits are great for a wide range of uses and purposes, such as cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens and wherever there is a need for refrigeration.

The DIY Freezer Room Kit comes with everything you need for a smooth, quick and hassle free construction at a budget price - call us to find out more!

Your DIY Cool Room Kit comes with:

  • Energy Efficient 100mm Polyurethane insulated wall, floor and roof panels that are cut to size 
  • Lockable 750mm x 2000H hinged door with all accessories and an emergency release
  • 1 1/2hp (1609watts) Tecumseh Hermetique Condensing unit capacity of refrigeration at -25c SST
  • Cabero Evaporator 
  • Electronic Controller
  • Door heater
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Dual Pressure Control
  • Weather proof LED light
  • Weather proof switch
  • Non-slip aluminium checker plate floor
  • Set of Tube Work
  • Internal Cool room Drain
  • Sight Glass
  • Strainer Drier
  • TX Valve
  • Cold room sealants
  • Cold room extrusion

Additional DIY Freezer Room Kit custom option (extra charge):


  • Designed for -18°C to 40°C
  • Nominal capacity at -25°C SST
  • 1 1/2hp (1609 watts) refrigeration capacity
  • The DIY Kit is made from high density polyurethane ("PUR") which is light but strong, moisture-resistant, anti-corrosive, provides good heat insulation and is easy to install. PUR is resistant to most counter chemicals and has one of the lowest moisture permeability ratings of any product manufactured for the building industry. PUR is the preferred insulation across the world, with an R-Value of R-7 to R-5 per inch. 
  • The Tecumseh HTA condensing unit provides a robust energy efficient refrigeration solution designed to handle Australia's extreme ambient temperatures. The L'Unite Hermetique compressor and HTA condenser combination ensure reliable refrigeration when you need it most.
  • Installation is quick and easy with copper tails on all Rotalock valves and fully wired single phase fan motors on all models. All FH, TFH and TAG models include auto reset HP/LP control, a crank case heater and an oil sight glass. 
  • Assembly can be arranged on site at an extra cost
  • Flat-packed and wrapped together for easy transportation to you
  • 12 month warranty

Choose a DIY Freezer Room Kit from OzSupply to take advantage of this wide range of specialised customer benefits.

If you would like a custom made or custom installed cool room please don't hesitate to contact the Coolroom, Coldroom & Refrigeration Experts: 

CoolRoomsPlus  the specialists in cool room and cold room design & construction.