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440V 63A IP66 3 Pole Isolator Switch Waterproof


$17.00 $33.00

Surface Switch - Weather Protected - Waterproof 3 Pole Isolator Switch - IP66, Switch 440V 63A

OzSupply Weatherproof 3 pole Isolator is sturdily built to withstand more than just the vagaries of the weather. It is designed for heavy duty usage even on severe load such as switching off motor loads or other highly inductive load.

Suitable for applications such as air conditioning, cool rooms, factories, signage and motors, these tough isolators offer switching in rugged Australian conditions.


  • Volt Rating: 440V A.C
  • Weather Rating: IP66
  • Amp Rating: 63Amp
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Conduit Entry: 25mm
  • Number of Poles: 3 pole
  • Material: High Quality durable poly-carbonate thermo plastic
  • Box Measurements: 173x83x90mm (L/W/H)
  • Switching On/OFF
  • Brand Name: Kripal
  • Model No: UKF
  • Set Quantity: 1 Isolating Switch


  • Large isolator handle with visible arrow pointing to On or Off position
  • Designed to be used in outdoor applications with IP66 degree of protection
  • Compact and easy to install with a 2 screws quick release top cover.
  • Stainless steel hinges, springs and cover screws
  • UV resistant to match Australian conditions
  • Gland sizing on blocks matching typical incoming supply
  • Dedicated screw holes in base with caps (used in conjunction with sealant) to prevent liquid and debris from entering enclosure
  • Made of premium quality UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • 25mm threaded conduit entry