600mm Traffic Cone with Reflective Stripes Rubber



600mm Traffic Cone with Reflective Stripes Rubber


At OzSupply Australia we are proud to stock on our Online Shop the 600mm Traffic Cone. These 600mm cones are perfect for work jobs on roadworks, construction site or can be used in schools, carparks. These cones also have a reflective strip for high visibility with red and white colouring while the cone itself is made out of durable rubber and are UV Stabilized.  



  • Height: 600mm 
  • Base Size: 340×340mm
  • Material: UV Stabilised Rubber
  • Colour: Red & White reflective collar and Black base
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Pack Quantity: 1 x traffic cone


  • Suitable for roadworks, engineering, construction site, schools and carparks
  • reflective sleeve for high visibility
  • easy to move or remove
  • UV Stabilised