65mm Magnetic Screwdriver Power Bits Phillips Head 1/4 Shank PH2 S2 (pack of 10)


$10.00 $18.00
SKU: BIT1465

Pack of 10 - 65mm Magnetic Screw Driver Power Bits Phillip Head

1/4 inch Shank, S2, PH2, 65mm - Double Head


At OzSupply Australia our stock included these mighty helpful Magnetic Screwdriver Power Bits. These Magnetic Screwdriver Power Bits Phillip Heads are now easier and quicker to change then before and are heavy duty to help with those bigger tasks or tougher jobs. Screwdriver bit on either end give the screwdriver bit double the life of either an insert bit or power bit at much less than double the cost.



  • Made of high quality S2 alloy steel, durable, anti-impact and tough
  • 1/4inch hex shank and PH2 phillips cross head screwdriver bits
  • Double head
  • Anti-slip texture design fits the nuts tightly
  • High Shock Resistance
  • Magnetic head prevents dropped screws
  • Magnetic Power Bits
  • Fit into quick release, snap-connect, driver fitting
  • Professional grade
  • Perfect for electrician, mechanic and repair tools
  • Built for maximum durability and log life with impact drivers / power drills


  • Total Length: 65mm
  • Material: S2 Alloy Steel
  • Drive type: Phillips (Hex)
  • Shank: Hex
  • Hex Shank Size: 1/4 inch
  • Intended Use: All metal and wood
  • Qty in Set: 10 x Magnetic PH2 Screwdriver Bits