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Coolroom Door Kit Latch with Cam Lift Hinges



Coolroom Door Kit Latch & Hinges Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Refrigeration Hardware


At OzSupply Australia we are proud to stock in our Online Shop is the Commercial Refrigeration Cool Room Cam Lift Door Kit. This Commercial Refrigeration kit consists of 1x Lockable Latch DH-036, 1x Strike DH-036, 3x Cam Lift Hinges, 1x Safety Release. This kit is ideal as it has everything you need if you are looking to upgrade your current latch and hinges as they have fallen apart or broken. 
This Commercial Refrigeration Flush Door Latch and Hinge Kit is suitable to use on you Fridge, Cool Room or Freezer door. The DH-036 is designed for Heavy Duty Cool Room and Freezer Doors and with its lockable design your products are safer and securer.


    Latch Specifications:

    • Heavy duty
    • Stainless steel
    • Surface mount
    • Lockable
    • Inside Release
    • Drilled and countersunk for ¼” (6mm) screws.
    • Can be secured with padlock
    • Keyed safety latch DH 036 designed for heavy duty cooler and freezer doors

    Hinge Specifications:

    • 54 mm to 70 mm adjustable offset
    • Material: High pressure die-cast zinc
    • Chrome plated
    • Drilled and countersunk for 6.0 mm screws
    • Set includes: 1 x Keyed safety latch DH 036
    • 3 x Heavy Duty Left Hand Door Opening Hinges for Coolroom