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Coolroom Freezer Door Hinge 1241



Spring Loaded Self Rising Door Hinge 1241

For Commercial Hardware Doors

At OzSupply Australia we are proud to stock on our Online Shop is the Commercial Spring Loaded Self Raising Door Hinge which we stock for left and right sided doors. This Commercial Spring Loaded Self Raising Door Hinge 1241 is suitable for Fridges, Coolrooms and Freezers and used on left or right side opening doors. This Stainless Steel Hinge comes with a Stainless Steel Pin and has a Nylon Cam to it to give you a hinge that is durable and option of left and right side design. 


  • Coolroom Door Hardware Hinge 1241


  • Stainless steel pin and nylon cam
  • Silver color body and grey cam
  • Screw covers included
  • Drilled for 4.0 mm screws