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300PCS Self-Drilling Stainless Button Head Screws M4x38mm


SKU: 38

M4 stainless self drilling screws button head 300PCS


  • With a point “like a drill bit”, these screws create their own hole, and their own thread in one action. This is probably where the confusion with self-tappers comes in – both kinds of screws are technically self-tapping as far as the function of their threads are concerned, but the massive difference is in the function of their points.
  • Self-drillers can be characterised as a fine thread or a coarse thread, self-tappers can’t.
  • In short, self-tappers can’t drill, self-drillers can as well as tap a thread.
  • Self-drillers are also commonly called ‘Tek’ screws, a proprietary brand name associated with their unique shape and function.
  • Drill point sizes dictate drilling capacity. Common Tek point sizes are #2, #3, #4 and #5 (Series 500) – 2 and 3 most common, 4 and 5 for going through thicker metal.


  • - Cladding and metal roofing
  • - HVAC – duct, clips and brackets
  • - Carports/sheds/garages
  • - General construction
  • - Steel framing
  • Thread Diameter: (mm): 4
  • Thread Length: (mm): choose from variations
  • Head Diameter: (mm): 8
  • Drive type: Philips
  • Screw Finish: Grey
  • Screw Point Type: Self drilling
  • Screw Head Type: Button Head
  • Pack Quantity: 300PCS