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Mounted Fence Parcel Letterbox Mailbox



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Mounted Fence Parcel Letterbox Mailbox

The OzSupply Australia Mounted Fence Parcel Letterbox/Mailbox comes in a modern aesthetic White look. 
Also includes a lock and two keys, Mounted Fence Parcel Letterbox is suitable for different parcels, letters and catalogs, it is easily built and easy to use, simply open the top part for delivery and the bottom part locked only for access to your parcel. 
It secures protection from thieves and outdoor elements.


- Modern aesthetic look
- Secure protection from thieves, and outdoor elements
- Built into fence
Suitable for small to large parcels, letters, catalogues etc.

- Easy to use Large Parcel letterbox - open top part for delivery, bottom part locked only for your access to the parcels


Item Specification:

-Dimensions: 41 x 22 x 75cm
-Material: Steel
-Colour: White
-Lock and 2 keys included