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Chicken Water Feeder - 8L


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Chicken Water Feeder 8L

At OzSupply Australia our Chicken Water Feeder 8kg are long life, durable and recyclable, easy to take apart and put together cleanable and non poisonous plastic. Comes in white and red colour and has a handle for easy use.


  • Long-life, durable and recyclable 
  • Comes in red and white colour 
  • Enclosed design to prevent water from contamination
  • Easy to take apart and put together 
  • Plastic material 
  • Handle included 
  • Easy to clean   

    Item Specification: 

    • Top of waterer diameter - 16cm 
    • Height - 30cm 
    • Bottom diameter - 28cm 
    • Material: Plastic 
    • Colour: Red and White 
    • Volume: up to 8L