Pair of Hand Saver - Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser for 75mm core



Pair of Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser for 75mm core

Save time and effort by using this Hand Saver - Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser set!

The two piece set attaches to either end of your pallet wrap roll, giving you greater control over the tension of your pallet wrap. Its lightweight, ergonomic design reduces friction, and it's designed to fit any 3 inch pallet wrap core.

OzSupply Hand Saver Stretch Film Dispenser is perfect for high volume packaging facilities such as warehouses, receiving rooms, and docking sites.

The hand pallet wrap dispenser is the cheapest form of Pallet Stretch Wrap Dispenser, the operator uses their thumb and fingers to act as brake mechanism applying pressure on the roll to give the stretch wrap tension.


  • Easily fits standard rolls
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Provides superior tension control
  • Perfect for warehouses, receiving areas, and other storage facilities
  • Fits onto either end of stretch film roll
  • Designed to reduce friction


  • Material: plastic
  • Fits 3 inch (76mm) diameter core
  • Colour: Orange + Blue
  • Size: approx. 100*37mm

Pack quantity:

  • 2pc pallet wrap dispensers 
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