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Automatic Dual Pressure Controller



Automatic Dual Pressure Controller for Coolrooms, Refrigerators, Freezers

Refrigeration AC pressure switch high low pressure switch


  • Model: LP830E
  • Pressure Range:
    • H: 5 - 30 bar
    • L: - 0.7 – 6 bar
  • Differential
    • H: Fixed 3-5 bar
    • L: 0.6 – 4 bar
  • Rated: AC 110V 24A, AC 220V 16A
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Metal, Plastic


  • Pressure control can protect compressors in refrigeration and air-condition plant, and keep them from over-low pressure or over-high suction pressure.
  • Dual Pressure Controller can start and stop refrigeration compressors and fans of air conditioning.
  • Dual Pressure Controller can be used not only in fluoride refrigeration, but also in air and liquid.
  • Dual Pressure Controls is ideal for Coolrooms, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat pump applications.