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SHS Steel - Galvanised Steel Pipe 50 x 50 mm



SHS Steel - Galvanised Steel Pipe

50 x 50 mm

Pick up from our warehouse/showroom in Dandenong South VIC 3175 at 19 Metcalf Drive.


At OzSupply Australia we are proud to have on our online store the 50x50mm Galvanised Steel Tube. Our 50x50mm Galvanised Steel can be used for a ranch of different projects and builds. Before purchasing our best advise though is to talk to your project supervisor to ensure its the right item for you job.

This Steel Tube is best recommended for pickup at our showroom as delivery can get pricey. We offer 6m length of tubing only but we understand that not all people have access to tools and machines to cut so we do offer to cut to any needed length within the 6m to assist in your project or build. 



  • Material: galvanised steel
  • Size (mm): 50x50
  • Thickness (mm): 2
  • Length: 6 m

Optional services for extra charge:

  • $2 per cut