Delrin Wheels Heavy Duty For Coolroom Sliding Door



Heavy Duty Delrin Wheels 

Walk-in Fridge Refrigerator Coolroom Sliding Door Wheels


At OzSupply Australia we have in our online range the Heavy Duty Delrin Wheels. We have these Delrin Wheels in 3 different sizes the 55mm, 70mm and 75mm. These Delrin wheels are heavy duty made from Delrin and Stainless steel with a 12mm bearing. Suitable coolrooms and freezers in pubs, clubs, restaurants.



  • Heavy Duty
  • Bearing
  • 625-2RS Sealed Ball Bearing
  • Stainless Steel


    • OD: 55 mm / 70 mm / 75 mm
    • ID: 12 mm bearing
    • Bore: 10mm
    • Material: Delrin and Stainless steel
    • Colour: White
    • Quantity: 1 x Door roller