Steel Fence Post Caps 100x100MM - 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS



Steel Fence Post Caps 100x100MM - 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS


The OzSupply push on steel fence post caps provide a finished look for your fence posts. OzSupply galvanised post caps are great for finishing off edges on gate post, SHS Tubing, steel tube, rail, etc.
The fence post caps are perfect for preventing dirt and dust gathering inside the tube and causing rust. Made from galvanised steel, our caps are weather resistant offering durability in unpredictable weather conditions.


  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Colour: Steel
  • Size ID: 100 x 100mm
  • Suitable for 4 Inch Posts (100MM)
  • Package Content: 10PCS/20PCS/50PCS


  • Easy to install push on design
  • Puts a finishing touch to your projects
  • Offers a neat and safe finish to tube ends
  • Prevents dirt and dust ingress
  • Rust and weather Resistant
  • Smooth finish

Note: Our post caps sit over top of a post and suitable for 4 Inch posts