Luoyang Shovel use for Vertical Excavation, trenching shovel, Digging Scoop Shovel

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Luoyang Shovel/ Heavu duty Shovels/ Digging Scoop shovel*different sizes available 10cm & 7cm diameter
At OzSupply we are proud to stock Luoyang Shovel in two diffeent sizes. We have 30cm in width/ length 10cm and 24cm in width/ 7cm in length available. Ourt material is high quality Manganese Steel.The Manganese steel is used as a whole piece of steel, and thickened design has high stregth and does NOT deform. Our Luoyang Shovels can be used to dig holes, trench by vertical excavation and can also be used to dig roots and plants in gardens. Buy Luoyang Shovel Online Today

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