100mm Bend 90 Deg Flat Elbow Air Conditioning Duct PVC Cover



100mm Bend 90 Deg Flat Elbow Air Conditioning Duct PVC Cover


At OzSupply Australia our Air Conditioning Conduit Wall Elbow has been designed for covering insulated copper pipe, drain pipe and electrical cable on an air conditioning installation. Made from rigid PVC, AC Duct Elbow is UV stabilized and can be easily painted to blend with surroundings.

The Air Conditioning Flat Elbow can be used outside and inside. Manufactured from a premium grade UV stabilised compound, our Ducting is ideal for Australian conditions.

Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications injection molded PVC Elbow, gives the installation a professional finish. Smart way to protect your line sets, cables, and drains. Hide unsightly cabling and refrigeration lines with the Air Conditioner Duct Elbow.

For use with split system, ducted air conditioners, and heat pumps.


  • Covers and protects pipe and cable
  • UV, waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Easy to connect and install
  • Strong durable construction will not crack or shatter
  • Large bend radius provides extra room for pipe to curve
  • Optimum space to allow copper pipe and electrical wiring to be installed safely and to standards
  • Easy to use and install
  • For use with split system and ducted air conditioners
  • Suitable for use with aircon / heat pump duct
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Colour and gloss retention


  • Material: strong durable PVC
  • Colour: off white
  • Dimensions: 100x70mm