300mm x 3mm Clear Ribbed PVC Roll 20m - Heavy Duty



Clear Heavy Duty Ribbed PVC Roll

20mL x 300mmW x 3mmT

The OzSupply Clear double ribbed PVC roll for plastic strip curtains features ribs that run longitudinally along both sides of the strip, increasing the thickness at the rib. The rib protects strip face from scratching therefore retaining clarity. Ribbing also increases strength of strip reducing tearing.

The ribbed PVC are used in areas with high traffic volume. The ribbed design provides effective barrier against dust, insects and other air borne particles. Ribbed Plastic Strips stop the plastic strips from sticking together in wet environments and stop the strips from being scratched when trolleys or warehouse machinery are being pushed through the strip doors.

Product description:

  • Strip size: W: 300mm x 3mm thick
  • Roll length: 20m
  • Colour: Clear Blue
  • Material: soft PVC
  • Operating temperature: -2°C to +50°C
  • Package size : 36cm x 36cm x32cm
  • Weight : 23.6KG


  • Strips can be overlapped and interlocked for better insulation
  • Increased thickness of the PVC at the point of the ribs
  • Ribbed on both sides
  • Heavy duty usage
  • Durable
  • Designed to resist tough conditions
  • Clear flexible PVC
  • Industrial & commercial use
  • Food safe compliant

We can also manufacture pvc door strip door curtain of a bespoke size on request.
Flat clear standard strip can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and is designed for temperatures ranging between 2°C to +50°C