4pcs M12 150/100/80 mm Adjustable Levelling Feet - Ball Joint



4pcs M12 150/100/80 mm

Adjustable Levelling Feet - Ball Joint


At OzSupply Australia we are proud to stock the Adjustable M12 Levelling Feet. These ball jointed M12 adjustable levelling feet have a maximum load capacity of 600kg (each). The diameter of the base is 80mm and the thread is M12 (12mm). The thread length is your choice of 150 / 100 / 80 mm and the base length is 24mm.
The ball jointed style of adjustable leveling feet are best suited to angled or sloped surfaces, but are also compatible for adjusting objects on even and uneven floor surfaces. 


  • ball joint design best suited to angled or sloped surfaces 
  • height adjustment allows the machinery to be levelled when installed on uneven ground
  • rubber base eliminates skidding and marking across floors
  • adjustable feet help to prevent tipping, vibration, wear and noise


  • Thread diameter: M12 (12mm)
  • Thread lengths available: 150 / 100 / 80 mm
  • Base diameter: 80 mm
  • Base material: rubber and nylon
  • Load capacity: 350kg each(all M12 lengths)
  • QTY in package: 4PCS