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Coolroom/Freezer Door Kit – Latch DH036, 3x 1460 Hinges, 8m Rubber Seal



Coolroom/Freezer Door Kit – Latch DH036, 3x 1460 Hinges, 8m Rubber Seal


At OzSupply Australia, we proud to stock in our Online Shop the Commercial Refrigeration DIY Kit for Cool Room and Freezers. In this Kit is 3x 1460 Heavy Duty Hinges, 1x DH036 Lockable Heavy Duty Latch and 1x 8m Rubber Seal. This kit is perfect for those heavy duty doors attached to Fridges, Cool Rooms or Freezers and with lockable latch your products inside just become safer whether or not the Fridge, Coolroom or Freezer is outside.
This Commercial Refrigeration DIY Kit is perfect for that job of replacing those hinges and latches that have worn out and making your Fridge, Cool Room or Freezer look untidy or unprofessional and if the seal is worn down and letting the cool air out thats not helping anyone except ruin your products and damage your Fridge, Cool Room, Freezer but this Kit makes it easier as it comes with everything you need to get that Fridge, Cool Room and Freezer back on track and running at peak efficiency. 

Latch Specifications:

  • Safety latch sets with cylinder lock and have the facility to be secured with a padlock.
  • Keyed safety latch DH 036 designed for heavy duty cooler and freezer doors
  • Inside Release: Nylon with luminous push knob.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Ideal replacement for coolroom, freezer, commercial refrigerators doors
  • Adjustable strike: 44mm – 60mm offset
  • Inside release: Suitable for 150mm door
  • Mounting Holes: Drilled and countersunk for ¼” (6mm) screws.
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: see image

Hinge Specifications:

  • 54 mm to 60 mm adjustable offset
  • Material: High pressure die-cast zinc
  • Chrome plated
  • Drilled and countersunk for 6.0 mm screws

Seal Specifications:

  • Type: D shape
  • Length: 8m strip
  • Width: 20mm 
  • High: 16mm
  • Rubber Thickness: 2mm
  • Material: Food Grade Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Working Temperature range: -30C up to 130C

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Keyed safety latch DH 036
  • 1 x Safety release
  • 3 x 1460 Heavy Duty Hinges
  • 8m x Rubber Door Seal