Fixed Fasteners OZM1215GB 12 x 150mm Hex Flange Galvanised Concrete Screw Bolts Anchor

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            Fixed Fasteners OZ1215GB 12 x 150mm

          Hex Flange Galvanised Concrete Screw Bolts

The Fixed Fasteners Concrete Bolts are a removable, thread forming anchor ideal for either temporary or permanent anchoring into materials such as concrete, brick or masonary. These concrete bolts are particularly well suited to close-to-edge or close-to-anchor fixing as it does not expand and burst the surrounding substrate.

They create a thread into the material enabling the bolt to be removed without damage to the hole. Featuring a serrated hex flanged head for high clamping force and vibration resistance. The superior corrosion resistance makes these bolts suitable for most external applications.


  • 12 x 150mm Hex Flange Concrete Bolts


  • Fast and easy to install as it simply screws into a pre-drilled hole
  • Fully-removable anchoring solution
  • Superior corrosion resistance for external use
  • Mechanical galvanised
  • Heat treated

Suitable for:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Masonary
  • Timber
  • Marble
  • Stone


  • Head type: Hex flange
  • Drill size: 12mm
  • Length: 150mm
  • Max loading weight (concrete): 650kg
  • application: safety Bollar, etc