Galvanized Wire Mesh - Hinged Joint - Graduated 10/120/15 x 100m Roll



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Galvanized Wire Mesh Hinged Joint

10/120/15 x 100mL x 2mm gal wire


The OzSupply hot dip galvanized wire mesh roll is an all-purpose netting ideal for farm fencing, garden plant protection, and animal enclosure. The galvanized wire fencing is also suitable for most concreting applications. Ideal for pathway applications the galvanised wire mesh provides a long lasting finish for any purpose.

With smaller apertures at the bottom and bigger at the top, the graduated mesh is an ideal fence for medium sized dogs or animals. Vertical stay wires are 150mm apart.

Manufactured from heavy duty 2mm galvanised wire to endure all the punches, kicks, and rough treatment that farm animals, the weather, and industrial use can throw at them.

Galvanized steel mesh rolls are some of the best fencing products available for Australia’s tough condition. The hot dip galvanized wire is strong and has superior corrosion resistance

Hinged joint fencing designed to flex under pressure, enabling it to be pulled back into position when minor damage occurs, thereby reducing maintenance and costly repairs. Rigid knot resists vertical wires from being separated, reducing the chance of feral animals penetrating the fence barrier. The strength of the tightly wrapped knot resists livestock pressure while remaining flexible enough to retain its structure.


  • Aperture: 90/90/100/110/130/140/150/180/200 x 150mm
  • Picket spacing: 150mm
  • Line wires: 10
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Roll Height: 1200mm
  • Roll Length: 100m
  • Material: Hot dip galvanised steel wire
  • Type: Hinge Joint, Graduated
  • Weight: 47kg per roll


  • corrosion resistant galvanized steel
  • heavy duty 2mm wire
  • hinged joint - flexible knot absorbs stock impact
  • graduated with horizontal wires at the ground level closer together, gets wider at the top of the fence
  • high in strength and durability
  • designed for fast installation
  • easy and no-cost maintenance
  • effective and humane - safe to use anywhere
  • suitable for boundary fencing, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs
  • suitable for industrial applications
  • convenient 1200mm x 100m roll

Commonly used for:

  • Rural fencing
  • Farm fencing
  • Farm gates
  • Boundary Fencing
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Suitable for industrial applications

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