OZ Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Riser /Converter

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$95.00 $149.95
SKU: OZAdjustable- Desk

OZ designed to help alleviate muscle pain by switching from sit to stand in just seconds, reduce muscle tension and enhance your workday productivity with this sit stand desk.

We take pride in offering the ergonomic Matrix Sit Stand Desk Large at OzSupply. This desk features a smart design that allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions while you work, promoting comfort and alleviating pressure. With its height adjustability and gas spring mechanism, you can easily customize it to your preferences.

Experience the numerous beneifts of our product:

  • Alleviate muscle pain, burn calories, and enhance productivity.
  • Effortlessly switch between sitting and stanging positions using the convenient squeeze handle gas lift
  • Desinged to sit on top of your current desk, no need for additonal furniture
  • Enjoy a sturdy and durable construction that effortlessly supports up to 15kg 
  • Provide optimal support and comfort for your wrists with the included keyboard tray
Dimensions: 11~50.5 x 80 x 61.5 cm
Weight: 12 kg

Colour: Black

*Maximum Weight LimitWork space: 15kg | Keyboard tray: 2kg
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