Pink LED Neon Flex Strip Light OZ-NS-0816-Pink

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Pink LED Neon Flex Strip Light OZSUPPLY

At OzSupply Australia, we provide the latest and most popular LED breakthrough product. The flexible LED light strip uses FPC as the assembly circuit board and patch LED for the assembly. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound at will. The flexible LED Strip Lights are designed to bring colour to your home, backyard, living room, bedrooms. To bring a nicer ideal feel to your home and make your room better than it already is. Bringing a range of colours to brighten up your room, having the ability to dim down too.

Includes 5 pcs clips; 2 join caps ; 2 end cap, 2m wire

25mm cutting , life span 50000H, 1 year warranty


Application: interior/Exterior

Size of unit: 8*16 *5000mm

Wattage: 10W/M

LED type: SMD2835, 120chip/m

Color Temperature: Pink

OZ: 216LM/ M

Beam angle: 180° 

Working Voltage: DC12V

Transformer: option (indoor or outdoor)

IP: IP67