Round Large Tapered White Tall Planters


$158.00 $213.30

Outdoor Tall Planters

White Tapered Round Pots

OzSupply outdoor tall planters are made using a unique combination of fibre cement, iron and a water based paint, making them durable, attractive and easy to manoeuvre. Our premium quality lightweight round tall planters can be used in both an indoor or outdoor setting. Their durable, commercial grade construction make fiberclay plant containers an interiorscape favourite.

Fiberclay pots require no additional maintenance and can last for many years. They are ideal for larger plant containers as they are easy to install, move, and maintain. These types of pots have been known to retain moisture better than other materials.


  • Durable, light, fibreclay manufacture
  • Preferable for courtyard and balconies
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Suitable for any type of plant
  • Strong, needs little care, waterproof
  • Supports plants through air-circulating material
  • Transportable and lasts a long time


  • Sizes:
    • Small-  D: 340mm x H: 600mm
    • Med -   D: 440mm x H: 800mm
    • Large-  D: 540mm x H: 1000mm
  • Material: Fibre Clay
  • Colour: Dotted Black
  • Finish: Matte
  • Shape: Tapered Round
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Weight : 7KG / 13.5KG / 19KG 

Shipping Method :

      Large  pot must be pack on the pallet for shipping , please contact with Customer service department to get correct shipping cost