Self Drilling Stainless Steel Screws Button Head M4.2x38mm 50PCS/300PCS


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Self Drilling Stainless Steel Screws Button Head

M4.2x38mm 50PCS/300PCS

At OzSupply Australia we stock the M4.2 x 38mm Stainless Self Drilling Button Head Screws in 50pcs/300pcs. With a point “like a drill bit”, these screws create their own hole, and their own thread in one action. This is probably where the confusion with self-tappers comes in – both kinds of screws are technically self-tapping as far as the function of their threads are concerned, but the massive difference is in the function of their points.Self-drillers are also commonly called ‘Tek’ screws, a proprietary brand name associated with their unique shape and function.



  • Stainless steel Self Drilling screw provide high pullout strength, shear strength and maximum thread engagement and positive fastening in both structural steel and timber constructions. It is more economical to use self-drilling screws than to drill, tap and fasten or nut and bolt in the traditional manner.
  • M4.2 × 16, 25, 32, 38 mm Stainless Steel Self Drilling Button Head screws are a multipurpose screw for fixing into timber or steel.


  • Thread Diameter: 4.2mm
  • Thread Length from under the head: 38mm
  • Material:  Stainless steel
  • Screw Finish: Grey
  • Screw Point Type: Self drilling
  • Screw Head Type: Button Head
  • Pack Quantity: 50pcs/300pcs