2PCS Copper Capillary Tube 900mm Length 1/4" FSAE Refrigeration Parts


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2PCS Capillary Tube 900mm

1/4" FSAE Refrigeration Parts


At OzSupply Australia we stock the Capillary Tube 900mm. This Capillary Tube is best used for throttling devices for refrigeration and air-conditioning. Best used on domestic refrgertors, deep freezers, water coolers and air conditioner units and with its long length of 900mm it suits most jobs.  


  • What is Capillary Tube in Refrigerators Capillary tube is one of the most commonly used throttling devices in the refrigeration and the air conditioning systems. The capillary tube is a copper tube of very small internal diameter. It is of very long length and it is coiled to several turns so that it would occupy less space. The internal diameter of the capillary tube used for the refrigeration and air conditioning applications varies from 0.5 to 2.28 mm (0.020 to 0.09 inches). Capillary tube used as the throttling device in the domestic refrigerators, deep freezers, water coolers and air conditioners.

  • How Capillary Tube Works? When the refrigerant leaves the condenser and enters the capillary tube its pressure drops down suddenly due to very small diameter of the capillary. In capillary the fall in pressure of the refrigerant takes place not due to the orifice but due to the small opening of the capillary.


  • 900mm Length 1/4" FSAE