Coolroom/Freezer Flush Hydraulic Door Closer HS-2000


SKU: HS-2000

Coolroom/Freezer Flush Hydraulic Door Closer


At OzSupply Australia our Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Door Closer features a powerful gas-loaded hydraulic cylinder for guaranteed controlled closure. Our Door Closer shuts the door noiselessly and keeps it closed.
Adjustable mounting slots enables easy adjustment to compensate for door sag
Hydraulic door closers not only aid in keeping doors closed but also protect the door and frame from damage by eliminating any chance of slamming.
Solid steel enclosed housing and bend-resistant hook assure long wear in heavy use. Life-cycle tested to operate reliably even after a half-million closures.
Commonly used for walk-in coolroom, freezer room doors to prevent pressure spikes that force open doors.



  • Type: for flush closing walk-in cold room / freezer
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Drilled for 5mm screws
  • Mounting: exposed
  • Dimensions: Please see the drawing


  • Suitable for flush door
  • Heavy Duty
  • Rubber roller for quiet operation
  • Re-closes doors that have popped open as a result of temperature pressure build up
  • Prevent door and door frame damage by eliminating slamming
  • Powerful gas loaded hydraulic cylinder
  • Life-cycle tested to 500,000 closures
  • Exposed mounting
  • Solid steel enclosed housing
  • Bend-resistant hook
  • Adjustable mounting slot